Featured Organization: Western Avenue Community Center

February 22, 2013 –

CIRBN recently had the opportunity to chat with Gwinn Campbell, financial director of the Western Avenue Community Center, about CIRBN and how the center impacts the community. Check out the Q&A below.

CIRBN: How does your organization interact with the community?

Western Ave: Western Avenue is a faith-based not for profit that provides social services to youth, seniors, and families in our community. We administer educational programs for youth to help them academically through tutoring and mentoring. Western Avenue also offers basketball programs to youth of all ages that build on physical fitness and teamwork. We have a food pantry that supplies food to approximately 300 families per month. Western Avenue also has a Hispanic Outreach program that provides social services to Hispanic families in our community. An On My Way Junior High Teen Club is offered weekly to help teens with their homework and gives them a chance to participate in group activities. We have an Interpretation program that furnishes language interpretation to individuals and organizations. During the summer we have an academic camp that polishes youth skills in reading and math in addition to fun recreational activities.

CIRBN: Why did you choose to become involved with the CIRBN project?

Western Ave: Western Avenue hopes to get faster, more reliable, and less expensive Internet Service.

CIRBN: Do you plan to use CIRBN to enhance any of your offerings?

Western Ave: We would like to be able to provide computers and Internet to those in need at our facilities in the future.

CIRBN: What opportunities do you hope high-speed broadband will create for your organization?

Western Ave: We hope that high-speed broadband will provide speed, reliability, and connectivity for our organization so we can better serve our clients.

CIRBN: How do you see high-speed broadband creating opportunities throughout the community, state, and/or nation?

Western Ave: We see it as providing Internet to people and organizations that could not afford it on their own. Hopefully organizations will be able to utilize it so that people who cannot afford Internet at home can come to the agency and use it.

Learn more about Western Avenue Community Center. (http://westernavenuecc.org/)