Featured Organization: STL

December 12, 2012 –

As business assets increasingly become digital assets, high-speed broadband has never been more important. Few are more aware of this than Tim Norman, president of STL Technology Partners. STL has been a CIRBN partner since the project launched.

“Communities that don’t have an initiative to bring a higher speed of bandwidth to their area will be passed by,” Norman said. “Business is more and more dependent on virtual assets. It needs to be able to be accessed from anywhere.”

STL works with their customers to support and protect these virtual assets. The company offers technology as a service and a staff to support the technologies. Their goal with each customer is to virtualize the customer’s environment and then back up that environment in the STL data center, a FEMA-rated, tier 3 facility. The center has multiple redundancies and high security, both physical and virtual. If disaster strikes, STL is able to have their customers resuming normal operations in as little as an hour, ensuring that even in the most dire situations, business can continue uninterrupted.

The launch of CIRBN will enable STL to reach out to even more potential customers.

“Before CIRBN, customers and businesses had the problem of the last mile. CIRBN allows us to reach out to customers and have access to customers we never had available. The rate of innovation will change drastically once the CIRBN network is lit up.”

Using value-added services provided by CIRBN partners such as STL will allow subscribers to conduct business more efficiently and in ways previously unavailable. STL supports thousands of users across the nation and will have been able to do the same for the CIRBN communities once the network has launched. Learn more about STL and their services at www.poweredbystl.com.